Algorithm Engineer

150000 - 200000 
Вакансия в архиве
Санкт-Петербург Разработка, C/C++

The candidate will be responsible for architecture, design, development, implementation and  testing of wireless network optimization algorithms for state of the art wireless Self-Organized Networks (SON). Ideal candidate will conduct system/network simulation, radio resource management and crosslayer performance optimization for dense WiFi deployments. Will work closely with algorithm teams in Russia and US offices as well software and test teams on task assignments, integration and field trials.


      • Bachelor or Masters (with 5+ years of experience) or PhD degree in EE, CS, CE
      • Related disciplines in wireless system or algorithm development.
      • Experience of Wi-Fi and/or other wireless networking standards including 802.11,WLAN or LTE technology is important.
      • Experience of IP networking with good knowledge of TCP/IP and network higher layers.
      • Overall knowledge of RF, OFDM, MIMO, ad hoc networks and link budget optimization is desired.
      • Experience with data and user analytics and machine learning is a plus.
      • Experience with large data bases and cloud based systems is a plus.
      • Demonstrated programming proficiency using Matlab or C.
      • Good written and oral communication skills in English.

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