Accounting & Legal Business Partner

120000 - 180000 
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We are looking for Accounting & Legal Business Partner for a group of companies (Russian and American legal entities). This is the main position in financial and legal affairs.

You will responsible for accounting and legal issues of two companies:

  • IT-recruitment agency (Simplified tax system);
  • Software development company (General tax system + Delaware C-Corp.)



  • all aspects of the accounting process, including taxes, salary, banking, primary documentation;
  • debts control and coordination.

Goals in legal area:

  • legal support of the company activities;
  • development, discussion and support contracts with clients and providers;
  • audit and prolongation of current contracts;
  • document management process;
  • analysis and prevention of legal risks;
  • to decide difficult legal issues(independently and with external experts).

Management reporting:

  • management reporting process development;
  • weekly P&L control;
  • financial planning.


  • 5+ years of experience in the similar position is must;
  • experience with HR record keeping;
  • experience with Simplified and General Tax systems;
  • deep knowledge of taxation, the ability to develop and integrate applicable tax solutions;
  • experience with the development management reporting;
  • communication with clients and providers in area of the accounting and legal issues;
  • advanced English level.

Will be a plus:

  • experience with foreign legal entities (Delaware C-Corp); 
  • understanding the specific of the tax processes in the software development company;
  • previous participation in the investments deals.

What you’ll get in return:

  • high salary with bonuses;
  • work in B+ office with kitchen and break zone (W Plaza 2);
  • flexible hours.

Please describe your experience in accounting and legal areas in the cover letter. It would be great if you tell us why we need to hire you. (3-5 sentences will be enough)


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