Embedded platform engineer

Москва Разработка, C/C++


The international technology company, which develops a navigation system based on Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays.

Main responsibilities:

  • Writing high-performance code using platform-specific instructions and SIMD with C/OpenCL/CUDA
  • Application profiling and debugging

Expected outcomes:

  • To profile current software on Intel NUC, Intel x3950, NVidia Jetson TX2, NVidia Jetson Nano, and other platforms (2 weeks per platform)
  • Find the bottlenecks of current software on each platform and propose platform-specific optimizations (2 weeks per platform)
  • Optimize the software for the selected platform (~3 weeks per defect)


  • Proven track record of successful performance optimization and porting of signal and image processing algorithms to embedded CPU (Intel Atom, ARM v8) and GPU (Intel, NVidia)
  • Knowledge of modern C++ standards
  • Experience of identifying bottlenecks in software consisting of multiple components
  • An ability to independently work with hardware development kits and necessary equipment: lab power supplies, oscilloscopes, digital signal analyzers


  • Base salary + bonuses
  • Medical compensation
  • Conferences/events